Each month we will have a drawing for a free course. Both courses are available so both adults and teens can sign up


Please note: anyone in Ohio that needs an qualifies for a driver’s license is welcome to sign up but the spirit of this give-a-way is to help someone struggling financially to get their license. We know having a license is life changing so we want to do something to help. So each month we will draw a name from those submitted and they will get their online course for free. This is just the course. Each winner will still be responsible for any other fees or obligations. 


Teenagers will need to sign up with a local professional driving school that is qualified for 8 hours of driving instruction. (Cost $300 – $500) They also need to complete:

  • 50 hours of driving practice (10 at night)
  • Have their Temps for 6 months.  

Then they can take the test and if passed, get a restricted driver’s license.


Adults are a little different. You will also need to do driving practice but you can choose between:

  • 4 hours with a licensed driving school
    • Cost $200 – $400
    • Professional help
    • Equipment, Cones and space
  • 24 hours with a licensed driver 21 years old or older
    • Must provide sworn affidavit
    • Only 4 hours a day max
    • Spend over $130 in gas
    • No professional help
    • No equipment