The Skills or Road Test Has Changed.

Here Is What you Need to Know.

The pandemic has caused huge shifts in how the Ohio BMV is providing tests to new drivers. How they have chosen to address this is very unexpected. If you’re taking the Ohio Drivers Test in the near future? You need to know this!

The Old Test

The Ohio BMV locations that provide the driving or Road Skills Test has changed how you take that test. It used to be that the examiner would get in the car with you and take you through a series of driving exercises where they grade your performance as they watch you drive. But the pandemic has changed how all that works. 

The New Test

For the new test, the examiner does not get in the car with you. The test is not done on the road anymore either. It is done in a parking lot course marked off with cones. While standing outside your vehicle the examiner will provide you with a set of instructions that you then need to execute without any issues in order to get your license. The licensed driver that came with you to your test will remain in the vehicle with you to comply with the law requiring you to have a licensed driver with you while driving on your temps. 

What You Need to Do

The best way to prepare for something is to practice exactly what it is that you will be doing. So incorporate following a set of instructions into your driving practice. 

Go to a parking lot and practice this. Have the person you’re driving with give you a list of five actions you need to complete. I would practice repeating the instructions to the examiner to help you remember them, clarify what it is they want you to do and to give you a few more seconds to compose yourself.  

As you say it, imagine it in your head doing it. Sometimes the best of us can get flustered and mix things up. This will help you make sure you’re doing the correct thing. 

If you practice this enough you can take the instructions, put the vehicle in gear and execute the instructions with confidence like a seasoned driver rather than being timid on the course like you don’t know what you are doing. 

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