How much is the Teen course

Like our course for adults you have to ask, what is more important, the price you pay or what your getting for your money?

Right now you can get a bit of a deal. Our Teen course is our newest release. Because our development company is a small, family owned and operated business (only one employee isn’t a family member) they need to approach things step by step. The first step in getting the 24 hour teen course to market. A 24 hour course is a huge undertaking for any company let alone one as small as theirs. But they persevered and got it done and through the approval process with the wonderful people at the state of Ohio.

The first step in the marketing process is to get the content completed, approved and into the LMS or learning Management System. The software the hold the whole course and displays it for you. Once it is approved it needs to be tested and to see if there is a demand. This is all before Sam gets made. So right now, before we finalize the product with Sam though out it, you can get the fully approved introductory offer for only $74.99. This low price won’t last. As soon as Sam is complete we will upgrade the course and this version will go away and so will that low price.

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