How Much Is the Adult course

Price or value?

If this pandemic has proven anything? One of the things is that leadership in education is critical. You can’t put most people in front of a device and ask them to read static pages and expect them to stay focused and retain the information. We recognized that several years ago when we developed Sam for our courses. We just didn’t know how important that was.

All courses in this industry are priced between about $50 to $100. The thing is, they are all are just pages of reading or, for extra money, you can get the text turned into audio. Better, but it isn’t a host taking you through the material. It keeps people engaged.

So you’d think that with this animated host, more interactivity than any other course that it would be the $100 course right? Wrong! Our course, with the narration included AND the shipping for your certificate WITH tracking included is only $68.99

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