Ohio Driver’s Ed

Teenagers and Adults – Get Your Ohio Driver’s License


24-Hour Teen Driver’s Education Course Online

Required for teens between 15 and 5 mths – 17 yrs old.

This is the required course for teens between ages 15 years and 5 months old and 17 years old to get your Ohio Temporary Permit or “Temps” as it is commonly called. This course also meets the requirement for the “enrollment certificate” at 2 hours so that students can begin their behind-the-wheel driving training.  The student is also responsible for 8 hours of instruction with a professional driving school. 


4-Hour Abbreviated Adult Driver Course Online

Required for adults 18+ who failed their driving test.

This is the required course for adults 18 years and older that have taken and failed a portion of the skills test, or driving portion, of their driver’s license test. This is a 4 hour course that covers the essentials of driving. It is also required of the student to practice driving. They can choose 4 hours with a professional driving instructor or spend 24 hours with a licensed driver, 21 years old or older.

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Online Driver’s Ed for Teens & Adults

Our 24 Hour Teen Driver’s Ed Course and our Abbreviated Adult Driver Training Course have met the strict requirements of the State of Ohio BMV. Our courses are designed in and for the 21st century.


24-hour teen driver's ed



4-hour abbreviated adult training


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